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Maker Faire 2014
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Maker Faire 2014

Friday June 27 load-in 1pm-5pm
Probably stop at iModules before noon, Essenza after noon, Ian's workplace after 1?  
There is a mixer event that evening 7p ... details to follow.
Saturday June 28 10a-6p
Sunday June 29 10a-5p
5 free admissions (4 for assistants (ian, tim, dad, jennifer, 4 hour minimum assist time at booth))
120V 12.5A NEMA5 electrical service within 50 feet for the simulator, 5A for computers and monitors... another 5 amps for an A/C and fans if outside.
We could not get indoor space, too big - 20' by 15' is what I requested ... they let me know late that they weren't able to accommodate the request (Case 2363).  In addition, we need to provide power overnight with generator!?  We can run for 17 hours at 5 amps standby power and 4 gallons of gas.

Signage discussion, what else is in the booth, etc?  

Jennifer white-washed the sim again - Ian was going to paint the side of the simulator (both sides, either 6/19 or 6/20 depending on weather)
Venue is supposed to provide a table, two chairs, and the tent.
Ian was going to design a banner to go on the front of the table, I was going to pay to print it.
We need a couple of computers, one for us to show, one for people to register for info (kiosk mode) paragalactic (2).zip
and maybe one to show Makeship, work in, add Fogbugz issues in, show Avionics suite in, etc... in fact the more videos I watch about the Faire (keep in mind I haven't attended) people want to be hands-on so letting them play with the models in Makeship (kiosk mode), viewing the Doxygen source for the Avionics program... having a Phidget out on the table...
I was going to bring my desktop and laptop and two big monitors, Ian was going to bring his basement computer and the LCD touchscreen monitor he got from Wade.
I need to build shades for the 3 monitors since we are outside.
Need to bring level?  Or get a baseline from the spatial?
Portable Stairs on order (otherwise bring the little step I have)
Ian is making a webform with Paragalactic logo (needs to be designed), Maker Faire logo, email address textbox, checkboxes for "booking" "advertise on simulator" "advertise in game universe" "pc game" ... I was going to have it collect the information locally and then I would put it on a flash drive at the end of each day?
QR code for hosted version of the form 
Bring the helmet, other fun stuff to demo/show, old inventory like the pistons, valves, springs... bring credit card swiper so we can sell junk unrelated to the service?
Motion platform in operation?  Otherwise show videos of motion platform tests
Bring gasoline each day, bring flash drive to back up the info filled out...
Take props and computers and junk that we don't want to leave sitting out and hide it in the sim?
Wear our flight suits if it isn't too hot?
Asset tags and serials for the stuff at the show... we might leave the laptop out and hope someone steals it lol


They said they had 12,000 visitors in 2013 and slightly more male than female.