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Last modified on 8/1/2013 12:47 PM by User.



Change Log

Only PNG supported!  

Legacy support for BMP removed.  

Support for uniquely-named light map removed.  

Light map has been converted to diffuse reference map.



  • Color Map (rgba) -> required for alignment and subsequent files but does not have to be deployed to production (can be hidden), alpha controls transparency of the map through to the underlying color assigned to the polygon
  • Displacement Map (grayscale) -> 127 is baseline, higher value protrudes (up to 255) and lower value depresses (down to 0) - possibly need a per-instance or global depth scale
  • Reflectivity Map (grayscale) -> 0 is completely matte like monolith, exponentially affected up to 255... so moving from 0 to 1 is a power of 2, moving from 1 to 2 is another power of 2 - possibly need a per-instance or global default value


Not sure on Diffuse Light Map (grayscale) -> somefile-LIGHT.png (possibly need a per-instance or global tint factor)


Not sure if we are preserving Construction (somefileCNST.png) or adding Damage maps.

Adding HD Overlay Map with unique name