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Last modified on 4/10/2013 1:51 PM by User.



Platform is the actual structure not the plywood on top, just like the monitors don't count for skin inside monitors.  Similarly, the ceiling is framing not 0.125 inches in for Masonite.

The width of the platform is 60 inches going from -30 to +30 in the X axis.  

Raised floor on the left side is Y+8.75 off the platform.  It starts at X-2 and goes to inside wall.  It actually changes after it gets under the ejection seat (wider and taller).

Forward bulkhead is Z-83.75 (-93+9.25) and goes up to Y+27.5.  When it gets from the port inner wall to X-2 it goes out to Z-91.5 (-93+1.5).  Technically it comes back in at some point to Z-83.75 but I don't have that represented yet.

Ceiling extends from back (Z-3.5) to Z-35.5 (additional 32 inches) before it starts the 15 inch radius arc to the 45 degree plane.


The door is X+0.75 and ends in a cubby at X+23.75... I probably should measure the visible aperture for the doorway instead of the door itself.