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Last modified on 11/12/2019 9:22 AM by User.


Change Log

// 8175 more verbosity on the incoming changesets
// 8174 fixed delete, rename, move... implemented purge extension
// 8173 cosmetic fixes, blank text on the View Local Changes
// 8172 switched to mercurial from sourcegear
// 8171 fixed bug with wld file saving
// 8170 point filtering on alpha layer for BCL vehicles
// 8169 erroneous "you had this file open" error in HasDependencies
// erroneous "no meshes in memory" stat with wld file open
// now stats debug or release build in the help->about, target architecture, dynamic year
// fixed a couple spots where we selecting group 0 (rts grid) on asmfiles
// 8168 tod slider now on by default
// rename/move files/folders
// removed calls to _controlfp_s
// 8167 new feature - light map takes the color map name with the LIGHT appended before extension
// upgraded WLD to 2.24 deleted usealpha, added 2 alpha bit counts for color and light maps
// polling for offline changes
// async checkout and revert all changes
// got rid of black screens
// ps changes for alpha bit counts
// clearing of motion without snapping extent and visiting hinge property
// ajax-like animation for reverting, checkouts, fetching
// delete folder
// comment on checkin
// all dialogs appear centered in the screen (not top left anymore)
// retry/cancel instead of fail/exit on save for wld or fail/return on save for asm/cty
// 8166 fixed scrolling colormap for buildings
// fixed interlaced monitors at night
// added feature of slider for day/night texel view
// added a chmod for rw permissions before save901 and save91
// fixed it so that it will save wld file changes even if nothing changed with the asm
// 8165 vs2010 and sgv5
// windshield wiper module type
// fixed a bug introduced by SVG5 client where file files were RO for some reason even though they were checked out
// added vectored thrust module type
// 8164 ambient lighting (bug 564)
// changed sourcegear repository bindings
// 8163 added flaps module type
// automatic check-out on save as... attempt
// 8162 fixed filename on the undo changeset - was checking IsEmpty on wrong file
// 8161 fixed a bug where if the undo changeset is empty on commit it won't try to run the batch
// Fixed a bug with the handling of SCF found, not in repository, add to repository
// overrode some oddities with the checkout not making the file rw
// 8160 Fixed a problem where DXUTCore was referencing a debug library for the release
// Fixed a bug with the handling of SCF found, not in repository, add to repository
// Fixed a bug on commit, need to undo the remaining changeset items FIRST to eliminate duplicate operations
// 8159 forgot to update the menus for building types
// 8158 fixed a bug that would show items below grade on depth map
// moved depth rendering routines to OnFrameRender
// added vehicles to hlsl including TOD slider and color alpha trim
// 8157 fixed a bug that would not ensure RW access to a file already checked out
// now showing a popup when no SCF can not be resolved by adding to repository
// added xy swapper for CTY files
// added building types for salvage colony
// added crash test dummy vehicle group
// inhibiting export layout based on zonal scaling flag
// fixed a bug where you can't immediately export a cty on loading as daw/dix
// 8156 fixed a bug that wouldn't allow scale adjustments in the UV
// added the xy in pixels to the readout in the texel view
// 8155 assignment of sim-specific group failed
// fixed 3600 second bug with file time difference causing a checkout attempt
// added type 31 (outside cockpit) to the top of the sort order on optimize order
// 8154 added extension for flash source files (FLA)
// made commit an asynchronous thread
// 8153 simulator specific grouping
// added full path for unlinking file types slated for deletion by vault
// 8152 reenabled zonal option on rts grid
// changed red color on legality layer
// augmented the rtsps paste with CTRL for functionality to do legality AND color/light
// fixed sunlight location
// did some work on the freznel effect
// doubled the maxchangeset items count
// added per-instance tint factor (open questions)
// added shift+adwx to window offset (open questions)
// fixed a possible bug with non-normalized gouraud normals being returned
// fixed problem with no rendering after resize or exclusive mode
// added per-instance windowmap shift (open questions)
// 8151 copy/paste work only on color/light when show legality is off, or only on legality
// training system for legality, ability to clear, learn from a CTY, and create one based on colormap
// 8150 legality layer visualization
// 8149 fixed problem with all the hMenu CheckItem and EnableItem 
// 8148 fixed the PNG checkout issue, now wondering why we have to run in exclusive mode to avoid choppiness
// 8147 still struggling with PNG's added debug code
// 8146 Ian did not checkout PNG's automatically
// delete orphaned SCF files
// 8145 MRU recent file history in WLD ASM and CTY groupings
// rtsps legality
// 8144 now ignoring checkout on files not in source tree
// black alpha not working - now basing on 255 and not 255 (becuase black alpha has to be 1 not 0)
// everything was checked out to ian, added assertions
// 8143 somehow PNG's were undochangeset (undo checkout) for Ian...
// exclusive checkouts now enforced
// kept it from repeatedly trying to checkout the file in Load900
// 8142 lambertian and gouraud assignments to accept modules, not just polygons
// added black/white alpha masking colors to the shader
// DirectX November 2008 SDK
// Checking out all PNG's for Ian again
// 8141 windows reflect daylight
// radiosity to be assigned per module
// fixed a bug with file save-as preexisting file it will checkout to overwrite
// 8140 put the lightmap back as a modulated "light" map rather than a substituted colormap
// turned on window on/off technology and passing in radiosity variable for building light
// lets him pick the window map
// 8139 Lets him pick terrain maps and transition map
// RTSPS now has a light contact sheet and seperate rotation
// moved to ps_2_a for terrain
// construction slider (day only?)
// 8138 fixed custom color pallette bug again, I fixed it in the wrong place before
// added terrain and alpha transition
// got the buildings online with purple windows based on alpha
// 8137 time of day slider
// fixed export wld was not saving file because of no changes
// rts light maps now supported
// rtsps shader includes elements from viewscreen and blends day/night maps
// not creating custom color pallette
// cty files getting checked out every damn time because of non 15� snap
// 8136 "scf found" error recovery on checkout
// changing bmp to rw on recurse
// now checking dependencies on delete
// worked on rts, found that 12 mip layers were created but only 8 were calculated because of 256/2^8
// apparently when fetching the default is not readonly so I fixed that
// source control undo didn't do anything because it won't get files that are already checked out
// 8135 disabled volume prefix ""
// undoall only reloads if a file is in memory
// got rid of aniquated logging system
// 8134 could not file->new
// 8133 file->save as or file->save copy as could not overwite existing CVS files
// file->new or file->save as were not persisting the file to the file system before changes were being made
// moved save91() delete93() pick() and pickedge() to modules class
// could not merge because of double prefix on path
// 8132 Permission denied on commit because of the Save901 didn't check for masterfile m_bChanges
// Zoom off to nowhere, added a NaN test
// Undo sourcecontrol makes buildings disappear (rebuildvisible)
// Could not delete module
// 8131 ASM/CTY was not setting m_bChanges to false after save
// 8130 can now parse asm/cty with 0 instances of a particular wld file
// made MODULES a class with the Load90 as a public method
// 8129 save as wasnt changing window title
// wld specific changes will cause asm/cty not to be checked out but when he saves it is RO
// on commmit if the file is not in the changeset the string to append is uninitialized
// reloading CTY file on "older file version detected" causes rendering to stop
// 8128 bias on undocheckout, checkout of logfile on init
// confirmation on undosourcecontrol, extra SP in a menu item
// 8127 listchangeset buffer needs to be 1.33 larger because of xml overhead
// File->New being added to CVS but not yet existing locally
// File->Save As... being added to CVS but not yet existing locally
// 8126 increased max change set items to 1024
// fixed a bug with the non-prefixed path sent to vaultcheckout
// 8125 fixed bug with non-prefixed path sent to vaultcheckout
// drive letter on command line arguments
// not comparing extensions now on match bitmaps
// crossreferencing the changeset when doing a commit
// delete file from CVS
// 8124 differentiate between already checked out to me or exclusively checked out to another
// only checks out and checks back in (merge changes) when repository file date doesn't match local
// if checkout fails because it is exclusively checked out but we were last to check it in, make SCF
// fixed keyboard accelerator for source control undo all
// made distinction between folder and file delete/move/rename now that we have browse folder dialog
// default prefixpath is c:
// added archive and legacy as folders not accepted in source control
// 8123 stack size on release version
// 8122 took out directory creation, vault client does that for him anyway
// removed checkout of the logfile before creating it (will be handled in recurse)
// 8121 fixed a problem loading CTY after bug 378 implementation
// 8120 reverted changes to rtsps to make it point min/mag filtering again
// source control
// 8119 bug 377 (unable to create custom.pal) and 378 (not persisting per-instance color for CTY files)
// added prefixpath to error load90 and load900 error messages
// added prefixpath to file manager, palette path, and custom components
// added system IO error messages to file handles
// 8118 removed radio grouping per bug 65, set the snap to 15� to ctyfiles only again
// 8117 august 10, 2008 compiler settings work on Ian's machine
// 8116 fixed a bug that would not show textures on wld and asm files (bug 364)
// 8115 Only show currently selected building in cty mode by default, toggle c (bug 364)
// 8114 added registry prefix for file load/save (bug 348) and upgrade to DirectX10 (bug 349)
// 8113 bug 308 (conversion to PNG), VK_DELETE with nothing selected
// exporting file error causes buffer overrun, functionalized trimdriveletter
// fixed bug where new texture assignments were not being trimmed
// 8112 reopened 319 and resolved
// 8111 bug 319 (merging a new WLD file in a CTY)
// 8110 reopened 291 and resolved
// 8109 removed delete restriction of per polygon (294) and rolled back RTS scale change from 8108
// 8108 bug 288 regarding animation, bug 291 copy paste rts, RTS was being scaled to 128x128
//      when loaded thus affecting the RTSPS contact sheet
// 8107 fixed a bug with scrolling colormaps, ROLLBACK scroll colormap duplicates for nitemap
//      changed messageboxes to m_hWnd from NULL as owner
// 8106 fixed bug where deleting module deletes group of buildings, haircolor displayed with no/wrong alpha
// 8105 changed up the menu for glasses a bit, added nose group to random display
// 8104 enhancement to make hair color fade to white with age
// 8103 fixed bug in shader with hairlip/skin/orig/eyes colors, swapped hairlip and skin colors
// 8102 added global skin/hair&lip/eye colors
// 8101 added stubble slider, converted people to use pixel shader
//      optimize texture order now puts people accessories glasses group at end
// 8100 now letting alpha control opacity on eyeglass frames
// 8099 changed the layout of the people packages->jawlines tree
// 8098 cleared old ani data on load of new ASM, truncate animation times to 5 sec
// 8097 fixed a bunch of m_bchanges errors in group assignments, added age function
// 8096 added jaw group, additional glasses groups, nose groups, ears groups completely added
// 8095 removed skewing for the new ground technology
// 8094 fixed
// 8093 fixed and never released to Ian the fix for
// 8092 converted interior scale from 0.000006601665651 to 0.0000065701886792452830188679245283019
// 8091 randomize fill rotation
// 8090 fixed bug with cnst mode (was not appending CNST before the .ext)
// added alpha data to RTSCS
// 8089 fixed bug with loading cty files from windows explorer (no RTS)
// added shift-left-click feature to fill a selected area on RTS grid with clipboard RTS
// 8088 fixed bug with loading cty files from windows explorer (crashes)
// eliminated skew hotkey
// 8087 placement of asm on rts is always in center
//      camera does not track with movement of asm on rts
// 8086 added copy/paste feature for RTSPS, auto-copy when selecting from RTSCS or rotating
// readded the ability to translate left and right regardless of object orientation
// 8085 fixed a bug that would use the uvxoffset, uvyoffset during selectrts mode
// fixed a bug that would allow selection of canvas width/height with rts grid selected
// selecting somewhere off the contact sheet will now clear a rts grid texture
// 8084 changed RTS non-zonal to 278 (zonal to 139) square
// added category support for RTS (category 2, 3, and 4)
// fixed a bug with the zoom when RTS was selected after a WLD file was centered up
// 8083 changed roadsmap sampler to point min and mag filters (Ian complained about MIP inaccurately)
// 8082 added select button to file manager dialog, added support for RTS selection
// created beginnings of interior shader allowing black and white mask support
// far out position on textedit/selectrts view was not far enough
// fixed a bug with the RTS file manager array accessing with !selectrts
// 8081 RTSCS and texture maps now zoom logrithmically
// 8080 added the ability to translate and zoom the RTSCS
// 8079 diabled zonal scaling for now
// fixed bug where if it couldn't find a file in the RTS (specifically at night)
// fixed bug where it would release the dynamic texture for the RTSCS (now has bool to recreate)
// 8078 added shader support/requirement for first time
// improved snap to 15° increment for roll on asm/cty files
// Modules now have a per-instance alpha map, 2 pattern maps, and 2 color masks in ASM file
// Added support for construction layer, sub colormap if CNST not exist, excludes lightmap
// Added live creation of RTS contact sheet, adjusted selectrts functionality to select sectors
// Added ability to dump the RTS contact sheet file to disk
// Added dialog to change directory and specific file names for RTS, interior patterns
// Included the componentpath and filemanagerpath for databases to be included in arj dump
// ARJ automatically scans for new PNG's compared to registry date/time stamp
// Added table for names of buildings at end of ctyfile
// Animation data is no longer appended to ctyfiles, sex is included in animation data
// 8077 said there was a problem importing asm (since RTS is rebuilt it was losing track of which module to base the offset)
// wanted exported asm's to be centered
// 8076 export wld as asm, import asm on city grid, module type for interiors of colony buildings
// made the full animation copy paste automatically update the currently displayed animation
// 8075 text descriptions of animations added, full animation copy paste added
// 8074 increased ANI's to 15, added hot-keys to call animations
// eliminated ghosting in favor of keeping model from translating in prog mode
// added mirror tests (non-PS)
// 8073 RTS has been removed to make room for the RTSPS method
// 8072 made it output the damn hobbs time from April 20, 2007
// 8071 made pastes relative distance from preceding keyframe, design based on the best agility
// 8070 fixed ghosting issue showing all accessories
//      created bigtest function, enumeration for GUI messages
// time tracker in registry, tracking since Thursday, April 19, 2007
// fixed a bug with the palettepath
// 8069 fixed a copy/paste no refresh bug
// 8068 added yoke and rudder to the module types
//    fixed a bug with lightbulb, normals, and bounding spheres colors
//    fixed a bug that would show a white texture during night mode
// fixed a bug with the ID_VIEW_STATISTICS and ID_VIEW_SOLID on the menu not being checked based on their variable
// added visualization of light and hinge normals on model as part of normals display (lightcolor and blue)
// 8067 upgraded to Dec 2006 CPP files, fixed a bug with windtunnel aerod10.bmp scaling
//    made the polygon reported by normals start at 1 instead of 0 for easier debugging
// 8066 fixed a bug with edit->modifiers
// 8065 fixed a bug with selection process of attachto==0's
// 8064 more work on groups, split pants into 3 seperate sections
// 8063 high-efficiency change tracking now, per wldfile and for master asm/cty file
// 8062 fixed stand-in's (check boxes were using roger not rogerw)
// 8061 added "room from floor" group for apartment trick on bradbury floor
//    added group reassignment for "room from floor" and "unassigned"
//    fixed a bug that would annoy us about the alpha map not being found (due to mip loop)
// when motion is extended and you say "snap" it takes the location and sets it to the extendto position
// added stand-in's for the apartment units, do not get DAW exported
// 8060 loop progression wasn't working from start walk
// 8059 was not showing attachment type 1000 (merged ASM)
// 8058 fixed a problem with torso rotation and disallowing offsets now
// 8057 added inverse rotation on people modules
// 8056 added progression from start walk to walk right, smoothed frame between ghost
// 8055 autoprogression checkbox, fixed bug with tab interval, animation+=elapsedtime
// 8054 decreased epsilon per new time slice
// 8053 increased timing resolution to 0.05 sec
// 8052 fixed cosmetic issues, glasses group, and problem capturing animation data
// and with components for non-type-6 modules being stored for some reason
// 8051 fixed our woes with the alpha MIP 
// 8050 fixed bug that left directional light on for alpha-blended
// added accessories sunglasses both
// 8049 added diffuse directional light from right
// 8048 added "rotate canvas" and "translate u, translate v" to edit->modifiers
//      removed shade selection from same dialogs
// 8047 added "loop" in addition to "play"
// 8046 deleted PSP as part of move/rename
// 8045 added mirror function for textures
// 8044 reorganized animations to break up walking loop, added turn in place
// 8043 added detailed interior scale
// 8042 made it add default extension ".png" and ".wld" to destination file on rename individual file
// added bathroom 3
// 8041 got rid of Z offset on the ghost
// 8040 no longer a transparent ghost
// 8039 added ghosting function on loop, broke hands into left and right groups
// 8038 fixed a bug with the copy function, precision errors on InsertAni, added menu items for hands in groups
// 8037 upgraded logfile system, added interior decorating types, not to touch Z on init, init started with 1.0f sec
// 8036 fixed initani problems, made numbers bigger for keyframe, added smoother, fixed bug with delete
// 8035 added TAB to step through motions, fixed scrollbar-slider relationship, added registry value for sex,
//      added ready stance to animation list, fixed bug with deleting ani slot
// 8034 moved hip accessory to hip, changed grid resolution to inches, removed mip from grid
// 8033 first release of the animation system 2/2/07, added anthropometrics for ankle roll
// 8032 added the Hip Accessory module joint heirarchy type
// 8031 added DXUT GUI components and fixed the hands for correct orientated WLD's now
// 8030 added facehair group, added joint reset for precision drift, 1� increments for joints
// 8029 added interiors->mirror type, nose group
// 8028 made it possible to import ASM's in the CTY
// 8027 added placeholder building type for spawn points
// 8026 added multi-select for WLD files
// 8025 fixed ctime carriage return, add "split" function, added multi-select for PNG files
// 8024 had to fix a bug with the multi-polygon select, added change logging
// 8023 added ability to uncompress files
// fixed negative rotation 15� snap,
//      fixed bug bomb at alphafile with no textfile
//    added recursive rename for png and wld files
// fixed alpha masking bug and unassigning alpha not reloading colormap bug
// allowing regenerate without losing texel position and rotation
// 8022 better zoom, fixed texture optimizer bug, decreased flicker intensity
// 8021 analyzed whole render system for wireframes, light maps, transparency...
//    now the monitors flicker, detach nitefile if attached, scroll colormap duplicates for nitemap
// 8020 did the transparency sorting and new stick type
// 8019 to default the new right-click drag technology
// 8018 New right-click drag technology
// 8017 fixed a bug that caused joints to become seperated with hinge properties
// 8016 added colormap scrolling module type
// 8015 added the people module types and the hierarchy/sort routines
// 8014 fixes my errors with generating alpha filename
// 8013 fixes negative scale regeneration, mismatched color<>alpha
//    and added headlight/brakelight module types
// 8012 fixes problems with exceeding instances handling
// 8011 has the fix for textures on delete of module,
// and Head listed for flight stick, parts as throttle
// and new animation routine for walking
// 8010 added 90 degree ASM rotate