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Interesting new approach again!

Character creation, upgrades, even the settings are handled live through the website and affect in-game instantly!

Unistellar Industries provides the website (not a fictitious entity or game entity)

Responsive and adaptive design possibly employing HTML5 and CSS3 techniques for a killer experience

  • Home
    • Gallery (screen shots, wallpapers, videos)
    • Wiki
    • Create Account (username, password, email address)
  • Player Portal
    • Download Game
    • Manage Account (change password, email address)
    • Create Character (sex?, character name, avatar?, faction)
      • Factions are presented as "recruitment posters"
      • Multiple Characters, one active at a time?
    • Purchase and manage vehicles
      • Purchasing is based on "classes" like Scout (like infantry?), Fighter, Transport
      • Upgrade vehicles, change weapon loadouts, etc
    • Faction-themed areas that are private to the faction members allow for in-game text chat, forums
    • Global forum, global chat... still requires registration but all users can access
    • Submit screen shots, wallpapers, videos to the Gallery
    • Bugs and Enhancements!!
      • I had this idea last night that players should be able to search the backlog or submit new tasks in a separate system (T-SQL). 
      • State changes "new", "under review", "accepted", "declined", "duplicate"
      • Ticket has a link to Fogbugz and vice-versa
      • Once in an "accepted" state the user can "sponsor" the issue monetarily or using experience points... that will help us sort the priority of the backlog!
  • Advertiser Portal
    • We should make it so anyone with an account can create advertising for small business!
    • View advertising locations
    • Create and manage contracts for advertising locations (in-game and on web?)
      • Pay for contracts
      • Obtain reports (hourly, daily, monthly report of visitors, impressions, clicks/request for info?)
      • Another idea I had was geographic targeting (Ian coined it "multi-dimensional") which means we could also do different ads during different times of day and even personalize ads based on player's name!