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Cloud Gate - Kind of what I visualize it to be like in the upper cloud level

Here is another:

SDKs (TruSKYSilverLining) are not likely compatible with our multiple-frustum


Cloud base is ~48km 1_barstow_pdf_14897.pdf

In that article are some nice pictures I hadn't seen about the lifecycle of the clouds, etc...




clouds-jgt[1].pdf is a nice whitepaper about real-time rendering (includes the technique I was coming up with on my own which he calls the "imposter ring" 

Here is another RTCloudsForGames_HarrisGDC2002[1].pdf

Imposters -

Tracking map -

Genetica cloud map -

So Genetica is 512x512 ... bases to tops are 10 km max... 32808.4 feet

Clouds are drawn last so they blend with background but they don't have to write Z ... need to work with A channel on render target front to back (sorted internally I suppose?)