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Last modified on 4/16/2013 8:26 AM by User.



From our mini-summit this weekend:

Revenue is 100% advertising-based like Google's search engine, radio, TV.  I left a message about my vision of having a couple of prime spots decked out with "Your Ad Here" graphics... (goes towards the point of box sales failing... and we know the subscription thing never took off with Rise: TVP)

I researched UDP networking libraries, RakNet is still the best although I think we should stick with the version we have because more bugs have been introduced than have been fixed and I remember having to tweak our patching a lot.

Another point from the link above is the shardless server concept.  Same universe but regionalized... this installation on Venus is one of many eventual "arenas" - we could do an LV-426, Mars, moon of Saturn, etc.

Preliminary feedback from TeamSpeak is that their licensing structure for a new title is $0.12 per month per user but $100 minimum monthly fee!  I think we had used RakNet's voice stuff before TeamSpeak so we may be going back.