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MMOFPS - Vehicle-based (

Faction-based (miners VS the Company with pirates "neutral/against both?" in-between)

Open/world PvP with safe(r) areas (defenses) at the faction base

Basically 3 layers/maps where action happens (mines at the bottom... miner buildings can only exist in upper clouds of Venus), pirates (in between, like high atmosphere or low orbit?), Company (high orbit, high on their pedestal pristine unlimited resources dock(s)).  Not exclusively PvP (missions) and the faction players are safe when in range of their faction (so when they spawn on their first game they don't die?).


Players operate aircraft, aerospace vehicles, and spacecraft(?) in a first-person format.  Very action-oriented with intersecting missions, non-persistent universe? (but with persistent character/vehicle development?).  

Interesting that you mentioned dark cavities on a dock in constant darkness, I imagined Geiger's Alien curled up in there!

The arena consists of the 50km range of clouds above Venus where mining installations are naturally buoyant.

Do we want surface to ever be visible?  Major performance benefits to NOT showing the surface of Venus but that means we can't go below 30km.  The ambient pressure at 30km is only 10 times the pressure at the surface of the Earth!  Damn.  Modern day submarines crush at 48-72 times sea level pressure.  So we HAVE to show the surface?  Could be cool!  Okay but the surface itself is 100 times the pressure on Earth... and I would have to imagine some of the structural technology would have to be leveraged to allow for safe space travel... maybe we have some craft that can do 0-50km? and some that do 30km to vacuum?  Never 100 bar to 0 bar?

The arena also consists of one (or more?) orbital facility/facilities (140,000 km is too far - geostationary is actually impossible on Venus because of the SOI and the slow rotation rate but I was basing it on the cloud speed since mines aloft would move with the clouds).  This represents the "Company" for lack of a better term you know what I mean... synonymous to Big Oil today, or Weyland-Yutani of the future.

Observer Mode

Questions about first-person (in-cockpit) vs. third-person (people always want to see their ship!).